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 LIVE Online Virtual Event with “The Profit Coach”, Susie Carder
June 26-28, 2020
"Big Money Business Summit"
3 DAY VIRTUAL EVENT | Sept 23- 25, 2022
3 DAY VIRTUAL EVENT | Sept 23 - 25, 2022


Business Festival!
Scale up your revenue exponentially with minimal costs 
using the right planning, right systems, right 
strategies, and the right attitude!

Event Hours:
Friday, September 23, 9am - 4pm Pacific
Saturday, September 24, 9am - 4pm Pacific
Sunday, September 25, 9am - 1pm Pacific


    Business Summit
    Scale up your revenue exponentially with minimal costs using the right planning, right systems, right
    strategies, and the right attitude!

    Event Hours:
    Friday, September 23, 9am - 4pm Pacific
    Saturday, September 24, 9am - 4pm Pacific
    Sunday, September 25, 9am - 1pm Pacific


      Network with

      Your Community

      Your Community

      Make new connections, engage and support each other. Add your contact information on the google sheet.

      Happy Connecting!

      The Business Festival Event is

      100% Virtual This Year!

      Hey, did you forget to fill out the Questionnaire so we can get to know & serve you better?

      It's Cocktail Hour!

      Go and grab your tickets and have fun on this cocktail hour.
      The Zoom link will remain the same for all 3 days of the event.
      Try to find a relatively quiet place from which to join, as everyone else can hear your background noise, when you're not muted.

      Please be sure to mute your microphone during the speaker discussions, (unless you're asking a question, of course!) Although this is a virtual event, just remember that everyone else in the virtual room can see you! ;)

      Chat away! While our main discussion is taking place, feel free to post comments & thoughts in the live chatroom.

      As part of the ONLINE Business Festival Event ALL Attendees are eligible to get a FREE "TAKE Action Call" with one of our Profit Coaches. 

      This is an awesome opportunity to connect with a Profit Coach about what you can do NOW to grow your business to the next level.
      Think fast cash strategies...personal coaching with me...
      and a big ol’ party!

      Click the button above and see the benefits you can get if you become a VIP Member!
      Please have your iPads, notebooks or whatever you like taking notes on, I will provide you with comprehensive workbook and notebook for you to also take notes on. 

      We will have course work each night to support you in completing the work while you are here! I know once we get back to the "real world" you can get distracted by family, jobs, business and clients needs. 

      This is YOUR TIME!
      State your intensions & commit to YOURSELF that WEALTH is your BIRTHRIGHT
      Check out what is planned for you during the 3-Day Scale Up Event. 

      Did someone say JUICY?
      Check out this 90 Day Game plan!
      Spread joy and positivity throughout the summit with these Branded Event Flash Cards! These cards were designed for you to have fun with and keep your engagement high throughout the summit. For example, did you just have an ah-ha moment, why not hold the BOOM! 

      Flash Card up to your camera OR did you totally just resonate with what one of our speakers just said, why not hold the YES! YES!! Flash card op to your camera.
      Let's welcome you to Susie Carder's entrepreneurial community.

      This is a group of like-minded business individuals that are looking to grow their wealth with the right tools and strategy.

      Susie Carder has helped thousands of businesses achieve exponential growth, create radical business strategies, and blast from ordinary to explosive! Are you ready to create your future?
      THE GOAL?
      To give you the help you need, when you need it to master
      your approach to bolster: Sales, Products, Operations and Finance. 

      While keeping you clear, accountable and taking action
      every step of the way.

      That’s exactly what I’m here to help you do. And that’s exactly
      what we’ve created for you here.

      GLP is a 1 year program because world-changing, success
      isn’t something that can be achieved in 30, 60, or 90 days.
      Business is a long game, and we’re here to guide you
      through every step of the journey.

      You get lifetime access to all materials, from our video classes
      and worksheets to templates, scripts and spreadsheets. You’ll
      have every resource you need at your fingertips to avoid
      pitfalls and feel completely supported as you level up.
      Our community is second to none. This tight-knit group of
      purpose-driven entrepreneurs can’t wait to connect with
      you, cheer you on and challenge you when you need it.
      DON’T MISS THIS! Gain Access to your Birthright Wealth through the Business Bootcamp that was done by Susie specially for you! 
      Will your business survive any future pandemics that we may face?

      What if Susie could show you how to…

      • Keep cash flowing in
      • Cut down your stress
      • Set yourself up to THRIVE no matter what happens in the present or future

      Grow Your Profits, Design Streamlined Systems, and Expand Your Business by Cracking the Code to Transform Your Dreams Into Reality.
      I would love it if you could fill out this form and refer at least five people who you think are worthy of joining me at our next 3-Day Event.
      We want to make our presentations even better, please take a moment to share your thoughts about this event.
      Funds to Fund Your Dreams by Using Other People's Money. 

      What Attendees Have To Say...

      "I remember when I first met Susie Carder I was so intimidated because she scared me with her directness and knowledge of numbers and business operations and I knew that I had a lot to learn and a lot of work to do. When I had the opportunity to work with Susie all I could think about was why couldn't I have met her first before all of the other coaches and programs. Susie uses practical tools and strategies to get your business in gear and it's not cookie cutter either. She was knowledgeable, patient and didn't make me feel bad about what I didn't know. I still talk about the things I learned from Susie and how I would love to work with her again. If you have the opportunity JUMP!! I wish everyone could work with Susie before they launch their business."

      Taunya A. Lowe
      Founder at Bhangology

      "Susie is the BEST Profit Coach. I have gained so much knowledge being a GLP graduate, that is serving me well in creating and growing my business."

      Paula Meyer
      Event Strategist for authors/speakers

      "Susie is an abundant master of business leadership. I am so happy to have a sister who gets it. She has the tools to take us from scarcity to abundance. She taught me to get out of my head and breakthrough into abundance. I also learned I am enough. Stop  the crickets. I am worth charging for my work. As a breakthrough coach I have helped many people in almost 20 years. I have helped them they have results and therefore I can charge for my work. I went from a volunteer for non-profits to setting up my own business. I could not have accomplished without her help in GLP. I stay at her feet because I need the coaching and reminders daily and seeing her live weekly and my tribe keeps me accountable. Thank you Susie!"

      Glenis Romero Hargreaves
      Owner and Founder at Fitness 4 Everybody

      "Susie Carder is AMAZING!! I knew she was my Profit Coach when I first saw her. She has given me proven strategies to help my business grow, help me overcome some fears I had and most of all she is GENUINE! She will coach you and it will work if you do the work!! She cares about her clients and wants to see us ALL win!!"

      Malaun Rice
      Transformational Speaker, Coach & Advocate

      "Susie was brought to me by Spirit! she is a game changer and her teachings have transformed my mindscape massively. I can see myself moving into 6-7 figure business income and developing products and services like never before. I am grateful!"

      Kevin Lee
      CEO of - Legacy Leadership Development Co.

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